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The tiny house movement is becoming a huge thing. There are many reasons for wanting to live in a tiny house, the first one being the financial relief. These homes are cost-effective because they are small! You don’t need much of anything, so you can get some nice little things.

The second reason for buying a tiny home is that people want to live a less impactful life. With all the problems on the planet with global warming, it is essential that us humans start to take measures to reduce our footprint. Tiny living can reduce waste, electricity, and water consumption.

We live in an era where people can’t afford two thousand square-foot homes. And the truth is, we don’t even need that much space. Although sometimes, people are very interested in this lifestyle, but in the end, they aren’t comfortable living in it.

Best Tiny Home Bloggers To Follow

This is an adorable blog that contains a lot of articles about living on wheels, minimalism, and of course, DIY tiny houses. They create beautiful cartoonish pictures on each article, which makes it appealing to everyone. 

Ryan Mitchell has a goal – showing everyone that there are ways to live a simpler life. He won’t encourage you to change your whole lifestyle, but instead, he will show you how to reduce impact in your everyday life.

They build tiny houses in Idaho, not for sale, but for the homeless people. Any person without a home can get into these houses, and have a bed for the night. This is #a selfless movement being carried out by an entire tiny house community, and you can take part too – you can donate to their cause!

Tiny Spaces Living is a blog you should refer to if you’re new to the lifestyle of the tiny homes. They have an excellent website that provides numerous tips, tricks, and helpful DIYs for those that want to build their home by themselves.

If you’re looking to know which product is best for you, look up their “Products Reviews” section on their page. They truthfully review every product, so you know what is best for the home.
The Tiny House - Caboose

On this website, you’ll find Caravan, an Oregon-based hotel made of several tiny houses. Local people build the houses, and they offer a wide range of commodities. All of their structures have hot water, a flushable toilet, comfortable space-efficient furniture, and more.

Each tiny house on wheels has its own creative design; for example, you have The Amazing Mysterium house. This turquoise mobile home can fit up to four people, it has an incredibly modern floor plan and a colorful design.

Janet Thome run this website, and it is about building small homes. They were featured in a lot of media outlets like HGTV, Tiny House Talks, CNBC, and more! 

They build tiny houses on wheels, and they can do anything you want according to your needs. For example, ask for a duplex, a soundproof cabin, or an individual home. And if you don’t want to build, you can just stay in the cabins.

Alex Pino is passionate about tiny house builds, which is why he decided to create this website that features a wide range of houses for sale, tiny-home-stories, and off-grid living. Besides, they also have an email newsletter you can subscribe to, receiving information about houses and cool offers. 

They also have a cool feature that, if you don’t want to buy a home, you can go on vacation in one. This way, you know if you like that lifestyle or not.

This Ohio-based house building company creates beautiful, safe, robust, and livable tiny homes. You can have a custom-made house, or choose from one of their models. They have an extensive crew of tiny home builders with a background in architecture, interior design, and craftsmanship.

Their houses are modern and comfortable. Choose a plain home or add pops of color. If you pick one of their models, you can also work with the designer to pick your tiny house design.

This is an all-about-tiny-houses blog. Here you will find a lot of articles that can guide you through this lifestyle, especially if you’re getting started. 

Kent Griswold wants to give people the option to see if they could downsize to a tiny house. He provides a lot of tips, how-to’s, reviews, and explains the different types of constructions. His team is determined to give you all the information you need before building a tiny house!

This blog is about the story of a family living in a tiny house. Their lifestyle consists of a low-cost small house construction with a lot of green technology, like a radiant heat floor and a composting toilet. This family also shares their traveling adventures on their tiny project.

Besides, they offer tips for those who are hesitant about building a tiny home. This blog has a lot of useful articles that will make tiny house plans seem easier.

This blog will show you the realness of living in a small place. They have articles about the real costs, the struggles everyone goes through, and the benefits of these houses.

Laura LaVoie runs this blog from her tiny house with her husband and cat. They built their home all alone, that’s why they’re perfect to refer to if you’re looking to do the same. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and she will show you the good and the bad.

Kerri lives in a small place with six dogs and her husband. In this blog, you will find a variety of topics like tips for living in a small house, accessories, recipes, and more. And if you’re interested to know more about her life, she wrote a book that tells her whole story, and some tips so you can live that way too.


A tiny lifestyle isn’t for everyone, so these blogs can help you see the pros and cons of living in a small home. These blogs aren’t just filled with tips, each one has a story behind them. 

From tiny homes, hotels, articles, and even building houses for the homeless, in this list, you will find anything related to living in these home communities. There are many ways to live in these places. You could build them yourself, hire a construction company, or just rent out a home from tiny house owners for a few days.

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