Best Portable Hot Tub For RVers

Best Portable Inflatable Hot Tub For RVers

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Best Overall Inflatable Hot Tub: Coleman SaluSpa

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Even with its larger size, the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub is very easy to set up and install. No additional tools are required and by using the included pump, your outdoor spa will be inflated and ready to fill within 20 minutes.

A durable, three-ply laminated and puncture-resistant Fibertech construction is long-lasting and uses i-Beams for extra rigidity. An insulated cover is included, which features childproof locks for retaining water temperature and keeping little hands out.

Where this inflatable hot tub really excels is the innovative water heater, surrounded by a staggering 170 bubble jets, more than any other hot tub we looked at. An easy-to-reach control panel activates the high-powered bubble jets for a refreshing massage.

All Intex inflatable hot tubs include a built-in hard-water treatment system to make the water softer on the skin. The tub also includes two replaceable filter cartridges, which clean your tub’s water and transform it into refreshing spa water.


  • Spacious enough to accommodate six people comfortably
  • Easy to assemble
  • Digital control panel
  • Cushioned air pad floor


  • Water takes a long time to heat up
  • Bubble pumps cannot be used at the same time as the heater function, so water will lose temperature when the pump is operating

Best 4-Person Hot Tub: SaluSpa Miami AirJet

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This SaluSpa Miami AirJet inflatable hot tub is an extra portable tub in a small package. Handy for those RV parks which are reluctant to allow larger, power hungry hot tubs.

Made with a high-quality, puncture-resistant, smooth material, the overall construction is bolstered with an i-Beam system. In fact, you could sit on the sides of this tub without fear of it collapsing.

An external control panel offers better safety, with two replaceable cartridges tucked away for the hard-water filtration system. You can easily alter the temperature up to a maximum heat of 107 degrees Fahrenheit, with a heating time of three to four degrees an hour.

A bubble massage spa like this could be the ideal way for the whole family to relax after a day out exploring the local environment. A 360-degree heated bubble-jet system provides a full massage system for the neck, waist, and legs.


  • Great value for money
  • A smaller footprint than similar inflatable hot tubs
  • An insulated cover prevents heat loss
  • Easy to operate


  • Can take a long time to heat the water to spa temperatures
  • Filter cartridges can be troublesome to change

Best Heavy Duty Inflatable Hot Tub: PureSpa Portable Set

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Coming from a well-known outdoor brand here in the USA, this PureSpa is an ideal choice for first-time hot tub buyers.It’s user-friendly, durable, and their most popular budget model.

Featuring i-Beam technology in the triple-layer PVC construction, this inflatable hot tub won’t lose its shape or deflate when it’s sat on. Although it’s designed to accommodate six adults, it’s best experienced with just four.

A cushioned air pad on the floor adds comfort but also insulates against heat loss through the base of the spa. This PureSpa hot tub comes complete with a heating system, a bubble massage system, and a standard filtration kit. Cleaning the filter is as easy as hosing it down. Many people even put the filter into the dishwasher!


  • An inexpensive inflatable hot tub, compared to some others on the market
  • 120 bubble jets for a soothing and relaxing warm water soak
  • Super strong and puncture-resistant material for comfort and durability
  • Lightweight for easy movement and transportation


  • Only fits four people comfortably
  • ​Only includes a standard filtration system and no built-in hard-water filter

Best Party Hot Tub: Hot Tub w/ LED Lights

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If you’ve ever sat in a circular hot tub with six people you will know just how uncomfortable or awkward it can be. I’m all for getting to know the neighbors at the campsite, but I don’t want their legs entwined with mine!

The square design of the Bestway portable inflatable hot tub ensures you have room to stretch out, even when the tub is fully occupied. A tri-tech material is used on the inflatable walls, which feature i-Beam technology for further support. There’s no chance of the spa seats losing their shape with this construction.

114 air jets surround you in all directions, rather than just from the base, for a relaxing massage system. The maximum water temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit can be controlled with a touch-sensitive control monitor, featuring a built-in timer for energy efficiency.

A standardized filtration system ensures any contaminants are cleared from the water, and there’s an additional Leatheroid cover for keeping the spa clean. A built-in air chamber and safety locks on the cover help prevent too much heat loss when the tub isn’t in use.


  • Adjustable control settings
  • Led lights to change colors
  • Eliminates moistness
  • Eliminates moistness


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Largest 6-Person Hot Tub: Intex 6-Person Hot Tub

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This Intex inflatable hot tub is an big portable tub in a small package. Handy for those RV parks with large spots so you can comfortably fit in this large hot tub and even bring a few friends. 

Made with a high-quality, puncture-resistant, sturdy materials. In fact, this hot tub includes head rests to make your experience that much more comfortable.

A digital control panel offers you the ability to watch an


  • Adjustable controls and settings
  • Largest portable tub allowing 6 people
  • Eliminates moistness
  • Eliminates moistness


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Buyer’s Guide to Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs for RVers

Let’s discuss a few points you should consider before choosing a portable inflatable hot tub for your next RV vacation.

Indoor or Outdoor Hot Tub?

Many of the hot tubs we looked at can also be used indoors, including in an RV if you have space and your floor is strong enough, of course. If you’re planning to use the spa outdoors, ensure you also buy, or the hot tub comes with, a ground cloth. These can protect your tub from damage and prevent heat loss.

Just bear in mind that not all RV parks will allow you to use a hot tub outside for fear of damage to the park or the increased power consumption. Check with the campsite owner if you’re not sure.

Size of an Inflatable Hot Tub

How many people do you intend to invite to your next hot tub party? Or is it just for you and your family to enjoy on relaxing nights after an adventure? Hot tubs can vary in capacity, from two to eight people. The most common size tends to be a six-person tub.

The shape of the tub will also affect how many people you can comfortably fit. Although most inflatable hot tubs will be round, you can also get square or octagonal designs which offer more freedom and leg room. Remember that a larger hot tub will often cost more to run and take longer to heat because of the greater amount of water.

Inflatable Hot Tub Construction

You might be thinking that inflatable hot tubs are prone to punctures but we’re not talking about your average child’s paddling pool here. Most portable inflatable hot tubs, even the budget ones, will use some form of polyester laminated PVC for durability and comfort.

The best inflatable hot tubs will also use a tri-tech or three-ply material of two layers of heavy gauge PVC, with a polyester mesh for more durability. Often, i-Beam technology is used in the construction to add more rigidity and support for sitting on the edges of the tub.

Filtration and Heating Systems

Water sanitation is of the utmost importance. After all, you may spend a considerable amount of time soaking in your tub. Or share it with others. Every manufacturer ensures there is a standard filtration system which keeps the tub free of small debris, such as hair strands or chemical residue.

More advanced hot tubs may also feature a hard-water management system which can be softer on the skin and, as a bonus, also prolong the life of the heater.

Regardless of which model you choose, every portable spa will have a maximum heat capability of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The materials of the spa will not normally withstand heat greater than this and it’s the max temperature considered safe for your well-being. Don’t expect boiling hot water and you won't be disappointed.

The Number and Location of Jets

It’s rare to find water jets or hydro jets on a portable hot tub. Instead, portable and inflatable models will use bubble jets or air jets to pump air bubbles into the water. The more jets, the better they work together for a soothing massage.

Extra massage jets built into the walls rather than just the base means that the bubbles can get to work on your upper body too. If you want a massage as well as a soak, go for an inflatable spa with plenty of jets.