Best RV Battery Charger Review

Best RV Battery Charger

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Proper RV battery maintenance is essential for ensuring their longevity. Incorrectly charging can cause damage to batteries. Therefore, an important part of taking care of your battery is selecting the right equipment for the charging process. You want to make sure that it is suitable for the type of battery you have. 

You also want to ensure that you protect your equipment from damage caused by overcharging. This article will provide you with an overview of some of the better and more popular motorhome chargers currently available on Amazon to help you with your purchase.

Batteries in a variety of vehicles, including cars, ATVs, travel trailers, and watercraft that require marine batteries, are all dependent on DC power. 

Battery Tender -  12V, 1.25A Battery Charger

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The Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25 amp, fully automatic battery charger for use with 12V batteries. It is designed to charge things, as fast as a 3 amp charger, and then switch to maintaining the charge. It is perfect for use with ATVs, a car battery, and even smaller vehicles and equipment.


  • ‘Smart’ system avoids overcharging and damaging batteries
  • It includes reverse polarity protection
  • Durable design


  • Takes a couple of days for a full charge
  • Clips are on the small side

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The Black and Decker BM3B can be used to charge and maintain both 12 and 6 volt AGM, GEL, and WET batteries. It is well suited for keeping batteries in stored vehicles at an optimum charge. It can detect and switch automatically to float mode when the battery is fully charged to avoid any overcharge damage.


  • Circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity, and short-circuiting
  • It is equipped with ring terminals and a cigarette lighter adaptor
  • Fool-proof design


  • Slow at charging larger batteries
  • The battery needs not to be dead for this charger to function

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The Schumacher SC1320 is a multi-stage charger that makes use of a microprocessor control to adjust between charge and maintenance automatically. This ensures a safe and precise charge that will maintain battery life for longer. 

It is compatible with both standard and AGM batteries. In addition to versatility, this product is also light and portable, which makes it’s great for recharging things on the go.


  • Automatic detection of 6 or 12-volt battery
  • Reverse hook-up protection prevents operation if clamps are reversed
  • A digital display indicates charge level


  • Confusing to operate at first
  • Small battery clamps

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The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is a compact yet powerful jump starter from the NOCO Genius collection. It is suitable for use with 12-volt batteries. It can jump-start a battery both quickly and safely. It features an LED flashlight with seven different modes and can additionally charge various small USB devices such as phones and tablets.


  • Averages twenty jump starts from a single charge
  • Mistake-proof design
  • Holds charge for up to one year


  • Cables too short for use on certain vehicle models
  • Charge depletes quickly when used on larger batteries

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The CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3 is unique in that it includes eight separate steps of battery charge and maintenance, including absorption and float. It can automatically switch between each of these functions for optimum charging and battery care. It is suitable for use with all batteries.


  • Removes sulfate from the lead plates
  • Diagnoses batteries to see if they are capable of receiving and holding a charge
  • Restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries


  • It gets very hot when in use

FAQs for Buying RV Battery Charger

What do I need to look for in a battery charger?

When purchasing a charger, you have to have a clear understanding of the type of battery it is as well as its voltage. This information will ensure that the two items are compatible and will not damage one another.

Another important consideration is the type of charger. Multi-stage chargers are better for maintaining the health of your battery as they reduce the likelihood of overcharging.

How long do deep cycle RV batteries take to charge?

The time required to charge deep cycle batteries depends on a variety of factors. The voltage, how much charge it already contains, and the specifications of the charger being used are all key aspects.

Charging a 12V battery from a completely discharged state could take as long as two days. However, this time is drastically reduced with a charger with higher amperage.

Can fast-charging damage my battery?

Faster is not always better when it comes to charging batteries. The batteries themselves could become damaged in the process. You are not recommended to fast charge smaller batteries.

A deep cycle battery, however, has thicker plates than other types of batteries, and so they are not as easily damaged. Sulfate corrosion is also less of a risk. Yet, it’s still better to charge them more slowly if possible, to avoid the risk of overcharging.

Can you charge a deep cycle battery with a regular battery charger?

Before pairing any battery and charger, you should check that the charger is suitable for that type of battery. Keep in mind also that the voltage is important — many RV batteries are 12V.

Automatic chargers are generally considered to be better suited to charging deep cycle batteries. The reason for this is the charger will determine the voltage requirements at each stage of charging. The result is an optimized charge and a longer-lasting battery.

How long should an RV battery last?

With appropriate maintenance, depending on the battery type, they can last anywhere from five to seven years. Do consider that deep cycle batteries are more complex than other varieties and, as such, require more care.

To get the very best service life from your battery, you should avoid letting them fall below 50% charge. If this does happen, you should charge them immediately. At below 20%, the battery is likely to be permanently damaged.