Best Pet Travel Blogs

Top Pet Travel Blogs

When it comes to pets, they are our family. We sometimes raise them from a young age or adopt them at any age. We take care of them and love them unconditionally. That’s why it’s best to include your pet on your holidays so that way it can enjoy some fun moments with you. 

It’s also exciting for your pet to try out a new activity and bond with you. Who knows, they might enjoy kayaking or riding on the back of your motorcycle. It may be nerve-wracking taking your pet with you somewhere where they’re not familiar with, but with good guidance and advice, you can prepare yourself for every situation. 

There are actually a lot of people that take their pets on all kinds of holidays; from camping to the beach. Luckily, the majority are pet bloggers with an experience that you can follow. So here are the best blogs to follow to enjoy your vacation with your favorite pets. 

Best Pet Travel Bloggers To Follow

You Did What With Your Weiner? 

If you have a small dog, then this blog is perfect for you. Their posts are about hiking and camping with her small dogs. 

The blogger is called Jessica and is considered a Dachshund expert, due to experience and owning them. Enjoy the adventures and challenges they embark on together. 

Go Pet-Friendly

After having trouble trying to find pet-friendly hotels, this couple created a website that helps you organize a pet-friendly trip. 

There’s a holiday planner, and the destinations are based on the experiences that the couple has had. While they travel with their two large dogs; Ty and Buster. 

Pet-Friendly Travel

With this blog, you can find pet-friendly destinations and methods of travelling across the U.S and Canada. It’s an easy way to organize your holiday and for any type; such as lodging or a boutique hotel. 

Pets Welcome 

If you’re looking to plan a road trip around the U.S, this blog can help you with that. There are options to check out pet-friendly hotels for cats and dogs. 

The couple was inspired to create this website, after the tricky experiences of searching for the right pet-friendly destinations. 


If you want to get tips, advice and the latest news about pet travel, then this blog’s for you. From information about dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants to cruises, you can find cool places in the U.S.

There are also articles about travel accessories for dogs, which can be useful.


This blog is aimed for dog owners in Canada and the U.S. They have ranked the top 10 dog-friendly cities, resorts, beaches, restaurants and parks and other topics too. 

There are also guides for when you are traveling by plane, highway or if you want to be toured around. 

Dog Trekker 

This blog website has many different topics; how to travel safely with your dog, which destination to travel to and even how to save dog’s lives by adopting them.

There are constant updates on the website and even a free app to download. It is based in the U.S. 


The blogger is called Shandos Cleaver, who is originally from Australia and blogs about her travels around Europe with their husband and Miniature Dachshund. Their next destination will be Canada and the U.S.

World Pet Travel

This blog website is perfect for someone who is planning on moving abroad. After the creator of the site had a tough experience moving her pets to Costa Rica, she vowed to make a company of her own. 

Pet Travel

If you’re planning on traveling abroad for the first time with your pet, then this website has the best tips for you. 

Giving you guidelines on how to get a passport, learning about pet policies, and general travel pet information. You can find out everything you need to know all in one place. 

Trips With Pets

This website is focused on providing you with the best trips for travel around the U.S and Canada. There are tips on outdoor activities, hotel policies, beaches and even breweries. 

There is also a travel blog to stay up to date with their experience. You can also search lodging by the route. 

Bring Fido

The founder and CEO is called Melissa Halliburton, and her aim is to connect pet owners from around the world with over 250,000 pet-friendly places. They have an app so you can book pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals with no booking fees. It’s easy and hassle-free. 

Dog Tipper

Paris Permenter is the co-founder of the website with her husband, and they’re based in Austin, Texas. The blog site shows different dog-friendly trips and events, such as creepy Halloween houses that help donate to homeless dog shelters. 

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund 

This is a cute blog about an adorable and now famous pup called Crusoe. You can check out different videos of him dressed up in different outfits and carrying out different activities with his director; his owner. Get Inspired, is your dog on-trend? 

Dog Jaunt

Mary Alice Pomputius lives in Seattle and has a family of pets. She set up this small dog blog to help you find pet-friendly destinations and keep you updated with her personal experiences.  Focusing mainly on small dog destinations. 

Two French Bulldogs

If you have a French Bulldog, you can definitely relate to this blog. Get inspired by the story of these two cute furry friends and their activities. 

They also record product reviews, which is ideal for you to learn from their experiences and know what to buy for your dog. 

The Final Bark! 

Overall, you can get inspired by these different blog posts and finally plan the perfect holiday for your pet. Even though the majority of the posts are for dogs, some blogs are also for furry felines. This is also comforting because you are now open to a new world of seeing pets living their lives to the fullest

This also helps first-time travelers figure out how to arrange a passport and what to do in airports. Some blogs even provide options for travel accessories that you can buy. Even if you want to move abroad, you can now do it easily and know that you are in good hands since these bloggers love their pets and want the best for you too. 

Whether it’s a day trip, road trip or world trip, you can find the perfect route for you. You also now have many options for great pet-friendly accommodations.

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