Best Camping Bloggers To Follow Today

Top Camping Blogs to follow

Best Camping Bloggers to Follow Today

In the busy modern world, we all need a little time with nature. It can be difficult to find a peaceful moment in the concrete jungle, rushing between work and home at a break-neck pace. Sometimes we forget about the great outdoors. Sometimes we forget about camping.

It seems a world away from our lives in the city. But we need time with nature. And there are few things that can give you that time quite like going camping, and there are some great camping blogs out there to help remember that and to help us plan our next exciting camping trip.

Best Overall Camping Blogs

Camping, whether it be in a tent or a travel trailer, is a subject with many facets. Some blogs focus on specific demographics, others on specific regions and styles of camping. But the best camping blogs all have one thing in common. They are not only wealthy in useful information, but they inspire us to take a step outside into the great outdoors.


Camper Community is a blog, resource and meeting point for people interested in tent camping or rving. One of their highlights is its community message boards.

These boards are full of insights and questions not only from the blog mediators themselves but from thousands of camping enthusiasts all over the world. Subjects range from eating while camping and safety to places to go camping.


Camping for Women was founded by Nicole Anderson as an outlet for travel resources for women. All of the bloggers are women, and all content is aimed for a female audience.

This can help make it just as easy for girls to have fun in the great outdoors as their male counterparts.


The Trek is an adventure blog focused on the hiking and trekking side of camping. They have a particular focus on thru-hiking and long-distance trails, especially the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail.

The blog has a wealth of information on how a hiker or backpacker should prepare for these long-distance hikes and how to do them safely.


Beyond the Tent is a tent and RV camping blog founded by Ryan Cunningham. The blog is focused on inspiring people to explore and enjoy the world of camping.

Because of this, it is less directed towards experienced, expert campers, and more towards those that are just getting started with their camping adventures. For those less experienced campers, Beyond the Tent has a wealth of gear reviews, camping guides, camping tips and reviews of sites and national parks.


REI’s online journal is connected to the online outlet store, which sells clothes and gear for camping, outdoor sports, or whatever your next adventure may hold in store. However, it is more than simply a retail connected blog.

REI’s journal is full of informative and exciting posts on all aspects of camping, as well as other outdoor activities such as cycling and snowsports.


Outdoors Geek is a Denver based store and blog dedicated to all things camping and glamping related. A big part of what they do is short-term rentals of camping gear including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and anything else that you might need for your next getaway. They ship all over the United States. Their blog is also a great resource for anything to do with camping, hunting, or hiking. Their gear reviews can also be very helpful for first time or inexperienced campers.


Play Outside Guide is dedicated to all kinds of outdoor adventure activities, particularly in Western Canada. It is founded by Karen Ung, a travel writer based in Calgary, Alberta. She professes that her blog should be a resource providing “everything you need to know to get outside and have fun.”

Best Glamping Blogs

For the uninitiated, glamping, otherwise known as glamorous camping, is a more luxurious form of camping for those who prefer camping with style. It’s camping for those who don’t want to rough it. The best glamping blogs cover all parts of the glamping experience, from locations and accommodation to food and comfort.


Glamping Hub is a Denver based online booking platform. They have over 35,000 glamping listings located all around the world, including yurts, tree-houses, tipis, igloos, and pods.

Their blog lists all of the exciting ways to live the high-life while glamping, including cooking tips, outdoor activities you can explore while glamping, the best places to glamp, as well as where to go at different times of the year.


Glamping is another subsidiary blog from an online glamping booking platform. Like Glamping Hub, they have a pile of listings and destinations available all over the world. Their blog lists a long series of glamping locations and experiences and is arranged from a geographical perspective.

Best Camping Food Blogs

Many camping and glamping blogs have sections devoted to cooking and food, but few are wholly devoted to the subject. The best food websites feature a wide variety of options for different pallets and different cooking abilities.


Camping for Foodies is chock full of food ideas for your next trip, with suggestions for all events, styles, and meals. They have menus for Dutch Oven cooking, for quick and easy meals to sustain you on a hike, to more complicated meals to be cooked around the bonfire.

Although their focus is food, Camping for Foodies additionally has an extensive section of posts regarding all over aspects of the camping experience.


Trail Cooking is a food-based hiking blog with a wide variety of recipes. They specialize in meals that can be prepared for the hiking trail, as well as for a full family that hikes together.

Geographically, the site also focuses on camping experiences in the Pacific Northwest. One of the most exciting sections focuses on harvesting wild fruits and berries to include in your meals.

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Sometimes it’s nice to revisit places from our past road trip. We stayed at Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah a few years ago and absolutely loved it! It’s a spectacular hidden gem that often gets overshadowed by Zion NP, but if you’re in the area, it’s so so worth a visit. It has tons of well maintained hiking and biking trails, rock climbing, and a really well-run campground. 🚿🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We recently stayed here again, this time in the van, and we are happy to report our memories were accurate. This place is still awesome. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But we’re also into making new memories, so if you have any suggestions for how we can spend our time in the St. George / Southern Utah area, hit us up below!

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Fresh Off the Grid has two main sections to its food blog and two focuses: backpacking recipes and car camping recipes. Because your food options can be very different depending on if you are driving to your campsite or lugging all of your food and supplies to site in a backpack.

The site was founded by Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet as a foodie resource for outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties.

Best Family Camping Blogs

Family camping or camping with kids is a whole different game than camping alone or with just a couple of adults. Kids have different needs and different abilities in all aspects of camping: from food to sleeping arrangements.


Get Out With the Kids is written by parents for parents. It’s a long-reaching blog with articles covering everything from food and activities to gear. There are articles geared to the experienced camping family, as well as to those that are just getting started with their outdoor adventures.

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It's time for me to choose my favourite #UKexplore photos from September. Thank you to each and every one of you who joins in with this hashtag community every month! Here are 9 of my favourites and the winner of the #nationaltrust day pass will follow at lunchtime, or head over to the blog to find out now! I can highly recommend following these accounts for some truly lovely photos! Some of my favourites from September are @van_life_family_ and @wanderingchildrenofthewild and @scrapbook.lives @zenassuitcase and @memeandharri and @lunaloo @thecheshirewife and @lj.joanna and @mum_of_3_superheros Why not head over to @charly_dove to see who she has chosen too. Just tag your photos #UKexplore to be in with a chance of winning! #traveltheworld#traveltherenext#postcardsfromtheworld#traveldeeper#travelstroke#travelling#trip#traveltheworld#igtravel#getaway#travelblog#instago#travelpics#tourist#wanderer#wanderlust#travelphoto#travelingram#mytravelgram#visiting#travels#travelphotography#tagsta_travel #beauty

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Mini Travellers is a U.K. based family camping blog created by a family that loves to travel. Karen and Matt take their three children on outdoor adventures full time and all over the world and report back on their adventures so that others too can learn how to enjoy the outdoors with their whole family.


Camping blogs are wide-ranging, but you can be sure to find something for everyone and from every perspective, and all the best ones are chock full of useful tips and information. In the modern-world, camping does not have to be scary nor a mystery Our country is full of mindblowing national parks, camping sites, hiking or mountain biking trails, and rivers for canoeing or kayaking. he great-outdoors holds innumerable excitements and joys for you, regardless of where you are coming from. Happy camping!

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